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Your Business Community

Starting a business at university? guides you through the wealth of support and finance available to students across the country...

Your Business Community

Just because you don't have a huge budget or the resources your counterparts have, doesn't mean you can't end up on top.

The amount of crime involving intellectual property has fallen significantly over the past year, with government reforms increasing small business confidence towards its legal system.

Meetings, although a necessary part of business, can be big time wasters, as many of those taking part may be underutilised or unmotivated.

Your Business Community

No matter how well you know you business, you have to know people to succeed.

Your Business Community

With the university term about to get underway, looks at the top business opportunities for budding student entrepreneurs...

Your Business Community

If done correctly, product placement on social media can generate a lot of talk , which will hopefully lead to an increase in sales.


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