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As a startup advisor, when I suggest cooperating with competitors, most entrepreneurs initially think I'm crazy or suggesting something illegal.

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When my wife and I began dating, I remember the picture I painted for her.

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People's knowledge base is entirely dependent on their personal life experience.

A tape supply company has been fined for safety failings after an employee suffered crush injuries to his hand whilst operating a cutting press.

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Magic vs. Bird. Brady vs. Manning. Coke vs. Pepsi. These battles are as divisive as they are decisive.

Your Business Community

Britain’s small businesses and sole traders have claimed a minor victory on the controversial VAT ‘Mini One Stop Shop’ (VAT MOSS) ruling...

Like most notable entrepreneurs, our Young Millionaires were not instant successes- all have weathered their share of misfires, failures and utter flops. But they learned valuable lessons along the way.


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