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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has introduced a new law that helps customers and small businesses seek compensation from large firms that have fixed their prices.

A business plan is essential to any small business owner, as it allows you to set specific targets, manage your money and easily share your strategy with potential investors.

Over 4,000 benefit claimants in Wales have been transformed into business owners over the past four years, thanks to the government’s New Enterprise Allowance (NEA).


Your Business CommunityUnderdogs need to have ‘razor-sharp’ vision for their business.

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Childhood games are so ingrained in our memories as fun experiences that we forget why we played them in the first place.

The government is edging ever closer to the completion of its auto-enrolment initiative, with today marking the staging date for companies with 30 to 49 employees to enrol staff on a workplace pension scheme.

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Entrepreneurship and risk go hand in hand.Whether you’re launching your startup or expanding your service offerings, every venture brings the risk of failure.


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