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The crowdfunding experts at Seedrs explain how to decide on a realistic valuation and how to make your pitch come alive

Decided that equity crowdfunding is the best option for raising funds for your business? With over £400m invested into over 650 campaigns on Seedrs  you’ll be in good company.

But how do you make sure your campaign stands out and has the best chance of success? The experts at Seedrs have outlined what’s involved: 

First, decide if equity crowdfunding is the right route for your business

There are some key questions that you need to consider when deciding if equity crowdfunding is the best option.

Firstly, do you have a strong community following your business that will take part in your raise?

Secondly, are you confident that you’ll be able to secure an anchor investor prior to your raise going live on the platform?

Finally, do you have a clear value proposition that will resonate with potential investors and enable them to see the growth potential that your business offers? If you can answer “Yes” to them all, then equity crowdfunding could be the right option for your business and you can start thinking about the details of your raise.

Authors: Henry Williams

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