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Stress, self doubt and temptation -- and the odd gamboling deer -- will leap into your path as your business hurtles down the road during those first 12 months.Here's how to keep your hands on the wheel.

In my first year as an entrepreneur, I grew my client list, got engaged, paid all the bills and survived a car crash. Sound a bit intense? That’s just life. It’s always changing, and no matter how prepared you think you are, especially in business, there will always be a curveball.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur with several businesses or an ambitious entrepreneur on your first voyage, we can all agree that the first 365 days can be the most frightening. I eclipsed that milestone for the first time just this year, and I can say it is every bit the roller coaster that other entrepreneurs describe. Here's what I learned.

Stress challenges personal relationships

Authors: Jacob Warwick

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