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Pique Tea, a startup offering crystallised tea that dissolves instantly in hot or cold water, is on a mission to bring an ancient Chinese method to the masses

Simon Cheng’s grandfather turned 102 this year. The secret to his longevity? “He drinks three cups of tea a day,” says Cheng, a former hedge fund manager who ditched the corporate life to focus on his mission to heal the world with tea. Teacrystals to be exact.

Cheng is the founder of Pique Tea, a crystallised tea that instantly dissolves in hot or cold water. He believes Pique, which claims to deliver six times the antioxidants as the tea brewed from teabags, will replace the teabag one day. “I would equate tea crystals to the teabag, which was invented more than 100 years ago, as being the new format of how people will be drinking tea,” he says.

Authors: Anne Cassidy

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