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Emails can stick around for a long time, and you never know what might get dug up down the road. 


There are some things you already know not to mention via email -- political opinions, anything that could be considered sexual harassment and office gossip are among the no-brainers. But there are also some less obvious topics and phrases you’d do well to stay away from, particularly if you want to come off as professional, competent and on top of your workload. After all, emails can stick around for a long time, and you never know what might get dug up down the road.

Here’s what HR pros say you should avoid at all costs. 

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1. “Just a heads up, I’m calling in sick tomorrow.”

Look, everyone has called in sick for a pre-planned mental health or personal day at some point in their career, but that doesn’t mean you should talk about it over work email.


Authors: Glassdoor

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