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Despite what some of us are led to believe, leaders aren't born male.

Have you recently been promoted to a senior-level management position in your company or organization, and are concerned that despite having the talent, skills and work ethic necessary to lead, you lack the kind of strong presence that commands respect and gets results?

If you can identify with the above, don't worry -- you are not alone. Millions of women have entered the workforce over the last several decades, and through sweat and sheer hard work some have ascended to positions of power and leadership. But many equally talented women have not. That's because most companies fail to recognize and tap into this vast reservoir of talent. Most companies fail to provide women with the leadership training that is necessary for them to soar. There's also another reason: Many women, used to societal norms that place men at the top of the pecking order, struggle with the concept of leadership.

Authors: Areva Martin

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