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As an employer, it's important to treat your workers with respect.

Retaining talent is as important as attracting new talent because job-hopping can actually be very costly for the employer. Therefore, employers should always be in touch with their employees and understand why their employees stay and, for the quitters, why they quit. Below I have put together the most common reasons of why employees leave and how an employer can avoid this situation.

1. Low compensation

Everybody wants to get paid what they deserve, and when an employee finds out they are getting paid lower than the market value, this person feels undervalued and wants to leave. As an employer, if you want to keep an employee who is getting paid lower than the average, you either should have a great company culture or a well-known brand recognition. Otherwise, as soon as your employee finds another job with higher compensation, they will leave.

Authors: Ceren Cubukcu

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