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The health and fitness market in the UK is booming and an increasing number of people with money and energy to burn are signing up for boutique gyms

There’s one new year’s resolution that always seems to top the list: get fit. New exercise gear is purchased, fitness regimes carved out, and diets started (however temporary they may be). But while people have tended to sign up to the bigger gym chains at this time of year, a rising number now choose a more high-end workout.

Boutique studios, like cult indoor cycling chains SoulCycle in the US and Psycle in London, are becoming more popular. Smaller than your typical gym, they often specialise in one type of exercise and allow you to work out in more salubrious surroundings. What makes these gyms unique is their price: while the big chains might cost Β£50 to Β£100 a month for unlimited access, studios can charge Β£20 a workout.

Authors: Suzanne Bearne

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