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These four big brands reached new customers with successful door drop marketing techniques. Find out how you could too...

You have three seconds to grab my attention. How? Well, according to Helen Sawyer, client director at The Leaflet Company, that’s how long the average consumer spends looking at the materials that land on their doorstep.

However, the stronger and more compelling the message, design, and format, the more likely it is those three seconds will dramatically increase. According to research from Royal Mail MarketReach report The Private Life of Mail, if a door drop is retained –  it can be kept in the home for 38 days on average. So it makes sense to learn some of the tricks of the trade from big brands and their successful campaigns, doesn’t it.

Here, we reveal the cunning marketing techniques employed by four well-known brands to grab a consumer’s attention in some of their best marketing campaigns. 

Authors: Lucy Wayment

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