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  • Taking legal advice can be prohibitively expensive which often means that small business owners don't take enough which can lead to problems.

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    Tax Investigation Protection

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  • A Tax Enquiry (Investigation) can be targeted or randomly generated.  Targeted enquiries can be made because of an obvious omission on a Tax Return, your sector of business is under scrutiny or that your income has suddenly changed.  For whatever reason you receive the dreaded HMRC brown envelope you need someone on your side who knows how the tax man works.  The simplest way of protecting yourself is by buying an insurance policy but these can be expensive because on your own you are a bad risk.  However, because of our purchasing power, we can include this as a benefit of YBC Premium membership.

    Tax investigations can be lengthy affairs, often lasting well over a year and can be extremely expensive in back-dated tax, compound interest and accountancy fees.  Your accountants will charge you if you ask them to represent you and it may well be their mistake that led to the investigation in the first place.  However, with YBC's Tax Investigation Fee Protection you can chose to use your (qualified) accountant or let our experts will deal with HMRC on your behalf, to ensure they do not extend their enquiries unnecessarily and where prudent seek damage limitation. VAT investigation protection is included.

    YBC Premium Membership covers your professional costs diectky with the provider, meaning that you will not have to make any unplanned financial outlay.

    Avoid the potential cost and heartache, become a YBC Premium member and be protected from today.

    Tax Investigation Protection for you and your business.




    Tax Investigation Protection