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Businesses with self-employed workforces are highly likely to have to compensate many of their workers for previously unpaid holiday, after the European Court of Justice (ECJ)  ruled in favour of a worker in the long-running and eagerly awaited Sash Windows case.
British Gas  has announced it will scrap its expensive standard variable tariffs (SVTs) by April 2018 for new customers. It claims that this  will lower average energy bills..      
Monday, 13 November 2017 11:01

The HR Implications of The Uber Verdict

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What are the HR implications now that the taxi firm Uber has lost an appeal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal against a ruling that its drivers should be treated as workers rather than self-employed?
Every business needs to be aware of the data protection changes that start to be enforced in May 2018.
In my previous blog I concentrated on the decision to abandon Tribunal fees following the Supreme Court ruling as a quick note.   Now I have had a chance to look at the ruling in more detail, this email re-iterates some of the last and adds in more tips for you on how to proceed with an employee’s claim.
Monday, 31 July 2017 10:04

Abolition of Tribunal Fees

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Since 2013, employees have had to pay a fee of up to £1,200 to take their employer to a tribunal.  This led to a drop of around 70% in the number of claims, enabling some employers to take a robust approach to employee relations because of the heavily reduced risk of a claim.
Wednesday, 26 July 2017 10:03

Top Five Benefits Of Branded Workwear

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Have you considered branded workwear for your staff? If you want them to look smart, professional and recognisable as your employees, it’s worth considering.
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