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If one of your business resolutions for 2018 was to up your game on the social media front, here are three of my favourite tools to help you on your way. They'll give you a kick-start to achieving your goal in an easily manageable way.
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Are You LinkedOut?

Whether you are trying to grow your reach, find content, explore opportunities or recruit talent, LinkedIn is for many, the first and last stop.
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Have Your Heard Of Facebook LeadAds?

In one of my businesses, we are trying to build leads to grow our thriving community and Facebook is an obvious route to achieving this. A few days ago, I was pointed to little know Facebook feature called LeadAds, which allows you to place a call to action in an advert and, importantly, collect validated contact details.
I’m not a gambler – just the odd occasional flutter for fun.  I prefer roulette – there’s a real childish excitement about watching the wheel spin and waiting for the little silver ball to land on its final number.
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Kickstart Profiling Your Brand

With over 2 billion active social accounts in the world providing a penetration of 29 % of people everywhere, you cannot ignore social media as a brand profiling tool.
Are you trying to become a social media influencer?  To be considered an influencer, people need to see you as a resource.
Have you ever thought about what will happen to your social media and other online accounts when you die?