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Thursday, 08 February 2018 14:11

5 Tips for an Effective Direct Mailer Campaign

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Get results with direct mail is as easy as taking 5 steps
If one of your business resolutions for 2018 was to up your game on the social media front, here are three of my favourite tools to help you on your way. They'll give you a kick-start to achieving your goal in an easily manageable way.
Friday, 12 January 2018 10:41

Why and How You Should Use Direct Mailer Campaigns

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With so many technological advances being made every day, it may seem strange to hear that direct mail campaigns are still very much used in marketing today. Not only are they used, but they work too! In 2015, the Direct Marketing Association found that direct mail campaigns outperformed all digital channels by nearly 600%!    
These figures were published just before and are really not terribly surprising.  Tribunal claims are now almost back to where they were before fess were abolished.
Business owners should never under estimate the damage a toxic workplace culture can do to any individual - or company alike!  It currently costs businesses a staggering £554 per employee per year due to sickness absence from work.
  Every day new and innovative technology is being developed, in order to make hospitality an even more exciting, adventurous and tempting industry.        
Friday, 17 November 2017 17:37

Why BusinessGame?

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Thirty years ago, the risk of being “the wrong sort of statistic” on a scheduled flight was one in a million. It’s now one in ten million, despite the increased congestion from treble the number of flights. ly done?
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